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PermaMatrix® Commercial BSA & BSP Products

Scientists and researchers are consistently discovering extraordinary, new benefits of adding PermaMatrix®to the soil! Most recently, PermaMatrix® has been shown to not only significantly reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, but also dramatically aid in the reduction of various other green house gases. By mimicking the perfect wisdom found in nature, the benefits of PermaMatrix® are astounding! Reversing the effects of the Earth’s toxified soils is beneficially limitless. We are thankful to have found this golden key hidden in nature that essentially unlocks and reverses the soil contamination practices of the past century.

Build a better ecosystem! PermaMatrix® primes the natural ecosystem using a process designed to mimic relationships found in native ecologies. Results surpass traditional topsoil-seeding-fertilizing efforts.

Improved Performance! PermaMatrix®, is a blend of pure organics and recycled materials for use in all created wetlands and biofiltration swales to improve the performance of the native plant communities without fear of contamination of sensitive waterways!

Sustainable! PermaMatrix® stems from two words- permaculture and matrix. Permaculture, or permanent agriculture, is an approach to designing perennial agricultural systems that mimic the relationships found in natural ecologies.  Matrix, a group of things that create another, refers to a biological material where specialized structures are formed or embedded.  Today there is a belief that humans must give plants nutrients for them to prosper. In reality, plants are designed to feed themselves through the recycling of their own biomass. With the optimum rhizosphere no artificial fertilization is necessary.

PermaMatrix® is a new way of thinking, developing the optimum rhizosphere for plant growth using mother natures components.  It performs a superior function to typical compost/topsoil installations as it does not require the traditional volume based application.  PermaMatrix® application rates are based on the correct microbial and mychorrhizae counts, along with the organic carbon based components that will reestablish the natural biological function of a disturbed site.

Hydro_logo_216x216PermaMatrix® BSA HYDRO is a unique biotic soil amendment that is an alternative to traditional compost blankets or topsoil caps. It initiates the development of healthy soil through a combination of the essential elements that make up the life supporting organic matter of robust topsoil. PermaMatrix® BSA HYDRO combines carbon based fiber, organics rich in humic and fulvic acids, micro-organisms, mycorrhizae fungi, water retaining organic polymers, and biochar to create an optimal growing medium for seed and plants. Upon application, these microbiological elements enhance seed germination and increase vegetation on soils which have been previously disturbed by natural or man-made events. PermaMatrix® BSA HYDRO is used where a vegetated solution is required to prevent erosion, stabilize bare ground and/or enhance biological function in unproductive soils.


PermaMatrix® BSA Hydro is hydraulically applied making it ideal for hard-to-access, steep and/or muddy application sites.

• Better for Environment • Retains Moisture Better • Improved Efficacy • Fertilizers Stay Put • Carbon Link™

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PermaMatrix BSP Foundation logoHealthy soil, healthy planet, healthy you! Contained in each 100% organic, dissolvable particle of PermaMatrix® BSP Foundation is a unique combination of soil minerals, organics, biochar, and micro-biological elements. Through an exclusive Carbon Link™ technology, PermaMatrix® BSP Foundation restores ecological balance by joining carbon and nitrogen together, which further increases fertilizer effectiveness. PermaMatrix® BSP Foundation is used to transform ordinary dirt into productive soil. It improves plant yields, enhances overall nutritional value, and generates greater crop productivity. PermaMatrix® BSP Foundation is particularly suited to nutrient deficient soils and soils with nitrogen runoff problems.



Using PermaMatrix® BSP Foundation is easy! Apply using a drill or broadcast seeder, drop spreader, or simply by hand. Because it is 100% organic it is not toxic to you or to plants, so it may be applied at any concentration to help increase the efficiency of nutrient uptake in both organic and inorganic fertilizers.


• Better for Environment

– Clean Water

• Carbon Farming • Improve Effectiveness • Healthier Plants • Carbon Link™

Foundation is currently available for professional and commercial applications in the following sizes: 25 lb bag, 50 lb bag, and super sack.

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