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For decades the conventional thinking in managed turf has been that applications of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers help enhance soil carbon levels by stimulating soil microbes to feed on organic matter from crop and plant residues. New research indicates that, in fact, the opposite may be true. A group of scientists at University of Illinois says that research from the Morrow Plots, the oldest research plots in the country, is indicating a decline in soil carbon from the use of synthetic N fertilization. The proposed mechanism is stimulation of soil microbes by nitrogen fertilizers, causing the microbes to consume excessive amounts of organic matter, like putting your microbes on a treadmill. This can create nitrogen leaching and runoff of nitrates into the water supply.   The activities of this overuse of synthetic N have severely altered the nitrogen cycle, leading to additional nitrogen entering the groundwater system that eventually flows into streams, rivers, lakes, and estuaries.

PermaMatrix BSP address this issue by providing carbon to the soil along with a matrix of minerals, microbes, mycorrhizae and organics. Managing the carbon in soil is essential to restore ecological balance to over worked and over fertilized soils. PermaMatrix BSP promotes the regeneration of soils with an economically and ecologically sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers. Now we can return organic matter to the soil while simultaneously restoring the mineral nutrients, which create fertile soils, while reducing nitrate leaching. PermaMatrix BSP contains soil minerals that play a vital role in soil fertility since mineral surfaces serve as for nutrient storage in soil.  By mimicking the slow process of the Earth’s own method for producing healthy soil, PermaMatrix BSP can aid in the regeneration of your soil and work to kick-start the biological processes required for optimal and sustainable plant growth.

PermaMatrix BSP is the “Carbon link” that creates a conduit for nutrient delivery from soil to plant! This linkage is essential for nutrient transfer. With over-fertilized soils producing excess nitrogen runoff, ecological balance cannot be restored without carbon linking. PermaMatrix BSP creates that linkage as the ideal alternative solution to the over-use of synthetic and chemical fertilizers. Maintaining healthy levels of organics, carbon, mineral and biologicals will lead to reduced inputs of fertilizer and an overall improved turf health. Healthy soil is less susceptible to insect and disease infestations.

This Matrix is combined into a uniform particle that can be applied thru conventional turf seeding equipment. Drill seeders, Brillion seeders, Air seeders, broadcast spreaders and drop spreaders. PermaMatrix BSP is excellent for amending into sand for top dressing of fairways and greens.