How it Works

How Does PermaMatrix® Work?

Soil scientists and microbiologists have discovered that a community of bacteria, fungi and microbes (EcoLive™/EcoBiotics™)exists in symbiosis with the root hairs of plants. This bio community thrives in the presence of BioChar, charcoal created by pyrolysis of biomass, organic material  sedge and rush peat, and a fiber source shredded grass straw and hessian/jute fiber. The bacteria produce enzymes that act on the BioChar to release its mineral ions making it available to the root hairs of the plant as nutrients. BioChar provides a host for micro-organisms, tiny pores that may serve as physical “shelters” for mycorrhizal hyphae and various symbiotic bacteria, protecting them from microbial predators and hazards.  Coupled with the natural fiber carbon source and the organic food source an ideal environment is created in which microbes flourish resulting in the development of a healthy plant community. Healthy plants in return secrete additional nourishment for the bacteria during decomposition resulting in a fully sustainable organic process.

Resins within BioChar serve as an ionic exchange media absorbing traces of mineral ions onto the particle surfaces from both the surrounding soils and rain water. BioChar particles then trap and hold the minerals within the charcoal’s molecular structure where it is held until the soil bacteria associated with a root hair of plants secretes the enzymes necessary for it to be released once again. The increased absorption and retention of water through organic absorbents, silicate and milled volcanic rock provides additional hydration to stimulate the ion exchange necessary for increased microbial development. Trace minerals present in rainwater therefore can enhance nutrient availability needed by the crops year after year. Nutrient recycling happens naturally in healthy vegetated systems, but when sites have been disturbed these natural processes are depleted.  PermaMatrix® address this issue and replaces the components needed to reestablish the biological function of disturbed sites.

PermaMatrix® is a new way of thinking, developing the optimum rhizosphere for plant growth using mother natures components.  It performs a superior function to typical compost/topsoil installations as it does not require the traditional volume based application.  PermaMatrix® application rates are based on the correct microbial and mycorrhizae counts, along with the organic carbon based components that will reestablish the natural biological function of a disturbed site.


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